Quality Control Inspections


Food Safety Modernization Act






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HARPC,  Gap Analysis & Audits

HARPC (Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Controls)

HARPC is a NEW requirement of the FDA as part of the FSMA laws.   It requires a Risk Based approach assessing potential hazards likelihood and severity.   Attention is required for key preventive controls such as Allergens, Sanitation, Supply Chain and other controls and all process controls.  Each Preventive Control requires limits, monitoring, corrective actions, verification and record keeping.  In addition validation of all Process Controls MUST be science based. 



After a thorough on-site inspection of the facilities, equipment and documentation our Quality Control Inspectors will identify deficiencies and make recommendations for necessary corrective actions.   We design and develop:

      • Food safety policies
      • Risk assessments
      • Food quality systems
      • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plans (HACCP)
      • Food security and defense program
      • Prerequisite programs
      • Pest control programs
      • Sanitation programs
      • Traceability and recall programs
      • Allergen control programs
      • Approved supplier programs
      • cGMP
      • Employee training
      • All aspects of production/plant management.


Our staff is HARPC and HACCP certified, SQF  Implementation certified, SQF Practitioners as well as California Almond Board Auditor certified by the USDA.    Our specialty is reviewing production/plant operations, policies and documentation and identifying gaps to assist our clients in meeting requirements for customer and third party inspections such as FDA, GFSI, AIB, ASI, SQF and Organic.  All third party inspections that we have had direct control have resulted in scores at the highest grade (Superior for AIB and Excellent for SQF). 


After implementing our recommendations, our clients have experienced:

      • improved product consistency and quality
      • reduced customer complaints
      • enhanced competitive advantage
      • improvements in their customers satisfaction
      • increased overall performance and profitability


  • DV Almond Audit - The audit consists of a complete on-site inspection of the facility, equipment and documentation to confirm compliance with the USDA/California Almond Board Pasteurization Policy.    Our inspector is certified by the USDA/California Almond Board as a DV Almond Auditor to validate almond pasteurization.  
  • Bank Collateral Inventory Audit – Our inspector reviews, counts and confirms inventory in the facility.